D-Project is a duo of Roland Pirker and Livia Varga, who have been creative as songwriters and producers of Oldschool Goa, Psytrance and Progpsy (BTS) since 2015. Through their shared love for music from the 90s, the passion in the songs is characterized by acid, goatrance, breakbeats and drum n bass. The never ending obsession with music, made both of them try their first steps as DJ's. After some years of experience in the music scene, the idea of starting a joint project came up in 2015. Thus D-Project was born. A few synthesizers and drum machines later, they produced their first tracks. They combine the oldschool-flair, which was known from the scene at that time, with the technical possibilities and influences of today. D-Project got the invitation to present their music on Radio Rabe Multiversum, later on they released on Nocturnum rec. and more on Middle aged Dude`s Mystical Audio rec. Soon after that they got their first bookings at parties like V.I.R.U.S, Reisefieber, Club Schlaflos and other well known locations.

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