• E-Funker

    The guitar was his instrument, but he had neither drums nor a guitar so it just wasn’t music and he had always wanted to be a rock star... until he ended up at a drum’n’bass party and decided to broaden his horizons. Christian Keckeis from Berne soon found his niche in the unlimited possibilities of electronic music and in progressive he discoverered his passion.

    Entranced by the expressiveness of the melodies he started to play electronic tracks in his work as a DJ and began to fiddle about with his own music in the quiet of his own room. He’s always keen to further develop himself and today puts sets together as a DJ that clearly reflect his passion for music. His trademarks are a continuous driving rhythm and intensive, energetic sounds. His style is Funky & Creepy.

    Since his first live set at the V.I.R.U.S. Festival 2014 Christian now also presents a promising project of his own productions. With his driving and playful tracks E-Funker creates a listening experience to the dance-loving audience that totally rocks the dancefloor!
  • Human Element - Without Reason Remixes

    Sinsonic Records presents a new edition of their most successful track "Without Reason" by Human Element - a truly progressive masterpiece. With great joy Mindsurfer and E-Funker have each created a remix - these are not without reason strong sounds.