• V/A - Sinsonic Selection 3.0

    DJ Meskal continues the series of compilations with "Sinsonic Selection 3.0" - an exciting and carefully selected choice of eleven of his most favourite tracks from the Techno, Tech House, Deep House and Chill-Out release section of the label.
  • Roger Mills & Wombazz - Spider Butt

    Roger Mills and Wombazz teamed up in the studio and drummed like crazy on their analogue synthesizers. The result is a fat Techno track - as fat as the butt of a spider - which surprises us by its open and creative style.
  • Two Suspects - Tape Recorder

    Sinsonic Records proudly presents the latest creation "Tape Recorder" from the Swiss Techno duo "Two Suspects". The single contains two original tracks with a deep and unique style and a remix from Roger Mills.
  • Casa Show - Directors Cut

    A dash of harmonica and a pinch of saxophone mixed together with an offbeat of 128bpm all thrown into a frying pan of passionate fancy. This is the simple performance recipe that sees women tearing off their clothes and yet keeps the male audience listening. The explosive live act performed by Marcel, Sandro and Toni aka Casa Show can now been enjoyed in flawless mastery on your laptop. «Directors Cut» is a profession of love to genuine instruments, the summer and to the humorousness of electronic music. The three Casa Show tracks (plus a remix by Mindsurfer) compel even the laziest of behinds to jump up and get moving enthusiastically on the dance floor.
  • Disko Dario - Bowling With Skulls

    In “Bowling With Skulls” Disko Dario has remixed the grande finale of his techno live act. He bowls through genres four times with his DJ pals – as it is with for Dario, whose playful music is always so hard to categorise. On the EP Disko Dario's organic techno track is first transformed from Nachtaktiv into sexy tech house. Next, Makau filters out everything organic, creating a crystal clear minimal sound. The sound then moves on in Mindsurfer, with its characteristic catchy progressive. “Bowling With Skulls” lays down one original track and three remixes that really get the skulls rolling in many different night-time styles.