• 7th Sun - Machines

    7th Sun presents his latest creation "Machines". With the two included tracks, he once again creates a pumping psychedelic sound that has the power to fill every dance floor.
  • D-Project

    D-Project is a duo of Roland Pirker and Livia Varga, who have been creative as songwriters and producers of Oldschool Goa, Psytrance and Progpsy (BTS) since 2015. Through their shared love for music from the 90s, the passion in the songs is characterized by acid, goatrance, breakbeats and drum n bass. The never ending obsession with music, made both of them try their first steps as DJ's. After some years of experience in the music scene, the idea of starting a joint project came up in 2015. Thus D-Project was born. A few synthesizers and drum machines later, they produced their first tracks. They combine the oldschool-flair, which was known from the scene at that time, with the technical possibilities and influences of today. D-Project got the invitation to present their music on Radio Rabe Multiversum, later on they released on Nocturnum rec. and more on Middle aged Dude`s Mystical Audio rec. Soon after that they got their first bookings at parties like V.I.R.U.S, Reisefieber, Club Schlaflos and other well known locations.
  • Mindsurfer - Storm

    Mindsurfer presents his new creation "Storm". This energetic psytrance track surprises with powerful bass lines and catchy melodies.
  • Spectro Senses & Índio - Synthetic Cells

    Let's go on a journey into another dimension with the tracks "Synthetic Cells" and "Reflection" by Spectro Senses and Índio. The two talents from Brazil are guaranteed to deliver an energetic spirit to the dance floor.
  • Noa - Keypoint

    The Swiss producer Noa presents with "Keypoint" a wonderful Psytrance track. You can't miss it.
  • Ro_Man - The Universe

    The young Swiss producer Ro_Man comes up with a new track called "The Universe". A beautiful progressive track.
  • Alternate Side

    Futuristic sounds, psychedelic melodies, deep atmosphere is what makes up the "Alternate Side" psytrance style, let the rhythms take you far into its utopian horizon.
  • 7th Sun - Mind Being

    7th Sun is well known in the scene. With his new single "Mind Being" he creates a driving psychedelic sound that has the power to change consciousness.
  • Sinsonic Selection 7.0

    Naikido continues the compilation series with "Sinsonic Selection 7.0" - an exciting selection of ten of his favourite tracks from the Sinsonic collection.
  • Side Effects - Next Destination (Mindsurfer Remix)

    With Sinsonic Records you can always rely on surprises! This time it's Mindsurfer who created a remix of Side Effects track "Next Destination". Psychedelic leads and a fat bass line give the track a fresh tailwind on its way to the next destination.
  • 7th Sun

    Like every star shines out of itself, 7th Sun radiates energy in form of music which can be described as an invigorated bunch of trippy cosmic sounds which have the power to alter consciousness. 7th Sun relies on dreams, inspirations and visions to create music, but also on experience with electronic music instruments such as synthesizers and software sound generators, which are used for a balanced sonority. These purely electronic sounds are tuned to the law of the cosmic octave, support the expansion of consciousness, the relevation of mind and the development of insight and intuition through dance, trance and music.
  • Ro_Man & Smy - The Nothing

    The young and talented Swiss producer Ro_Man presents the new track "The Nothing" in cooperation with Smy - A first-class Progressive Psytrance track.
  • Eye of Psy

    Liebe Stampfgemeinschaft

    Wir füllen unsere unterirdische Goahöhle für eine Nacht mit kosmischen Klängen.
    Damit sowohl Ohren wie auch Augen auf ihre Kosten kommen, verwöhnen wir euch mit auffälligen Visuals und eindrucksvollem Lichtsystem.
    Lasst uns zusammen in den Morgen stampfen ♫♪♬♩

    Progressive Trance / Psytrance

    ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ LineUp ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    DJ Zepf

    Mr. Speedy
    (Progressive Experience / Germany)

    (Sinsonic Records / Switzerland)

    Mark Main
    (Human Technologies Records / Israel - ProgVision Records Switzerland)
  • Makai

    Yvo Aemisegger aka Makai, he’s first big Psy-Trance party was the OZORA festival in 2015. He quickly realized that the whole spirit, the vibes and the fat basslines meticulouswill not take him away from this genre so easily. The passion was born, he started to produce his own music. The aim is to combine a more open style of sound design with wide basses and meticulous rhythms. Makai clearly puts the focus on melodies while maintaining minimalism in order to create abstract soundscapes drenched with emotion.
  • Daysix

    Désirée Nellen aka Daysix is a young DJane from Lucerne, Switzerland. She is born in 1991 in Canton of Valais. Already at the age of 8 the music gave her great joy, she played piano for many years. In 2011, she was passionate about psychedelic music and discovered in 2014 her talent as a progressive psytrance DJane. She played at several parties of Future Universe and many other parties. She loves playing her DJ sets with CDs, without sync and at 138bpm.
  • Ambush

    Ambush is the musical offspring of talented Danish producer Ulrik Finne and Oliver Bierlich - the man behind household names such as Reefer Decree, Oryx and OliverJones.
  • Mindsurfer - New Home

    Sinsonic Records is proud to release the energetic single "New Home" by Mindsurfer. The unique track with its powerful basses and beautiful melodies comes from his new studio and has been massively refined with the help of noble analog synthesizers.
  • Ro_Man

    Ro_Man is a producer from Switzerland. As an 8-year-old boy, he began to play guitar, with small performances that he was allowed to play outside of his hometown. When he was 16, he started listening to EDM music and made his first experiences of producing music. Ro_Man's first tool was Fruity Loops, which he used to make music. After attending a psytrance party, he fell in love with progressive music, melodic basslines, and hard kicks. Initially, he created Progressive Trance music, which oscillated at 138 BPM, but recently also faster, as the tracks have more psychedelic powers. After a few gigs like the Burning Moutain Festival or Raumklang, he finds his style and will conjure up a smile on your face with new music.
  • Arrcanum - Freedom

    The Swiss newcomer Psytrance duo "Arrcanum" is ready to take off with their first release "Freedom" - a track with a huge load of energy and driving elements.
  • Amunel

    DJ Amunel has been active as a DJ from a very early age. He did his first gig when he was 13 years old and was sold right away, buying his own equipment when he was 14 years old. From 1997 untill 2007 Amunel has played in various clubs all over Switzerland, with his main styles being Progressive and House, and was also a resident DJ in the legendary club Stilbruch in Bern for two years, where he played several days a week. From 2007 on Amunel has also been active as an organiser and is this period he also discovered his love for Psytrance. Since 2010 Amunel has completely laid his focus to psychedelic music, playing Progressive, Psyprog and Psytrance.
  • The V

    Vasilis comes from North Greece. His town Katerini is near Thessaloniki and between Mt Olympus and Thermaikos Gulf. His contact with electronic music came very early in 1998 when he attended his first rave party and had the chance to listen great artists such as Mark Allen, Zen Lemonade, Simon Posford, Prometheus, Kox Box, Raja Ram and Juno Reactor. Big influence for him was Samothraki dance festival the years 2001, 2002 and 2003. Since then he started going to more festivals abroad like Boom, Ozora, Sun festival, Voov. All these years he collected music and started playing dj sets at private parties and local events. In 2014 at Universo Parallelo in Brazil he decided that psytrance was his thing and wanted to devote his time and energy on it. So he begun seeing it more professionally by playing in public at festivals and parties in Greece. His sets are inspired from artists like Atmos, Liquid Soul, Neelix, Krama, Morten Granau, Phaxe, Zen Mechanics, Haldolium and can be described as dreamy, melodic, morning progressive sound. The most important thing for Vasilis while he is playing is to offer people that kind of pure happiness and magic of getting lost in the music, to let them reach that inner peace and see smiles on their faces.