• Ambush

    Ambush is the musical offspring of talented Danish producer Ulrik Finne and Oliver Bierlich - the man behind household names such as Reefer Decree, Oryx and OliverJones.
  • Ro_Man

    Ro_Man is a producer from Switzerland. As an 8-year-old boy, he began to play guitar, with small performances that he was allowed to play outside of his hometown. When he was 16, he started listening to EDM music and made his first experiences of producing music. Ro_Man's first tool was Fruity Loops, which he used to make music. After attending a psytrance party, he fell in love with progressive music, melodic basslines, and hard kicks. Initially, he created Progressive Trance music, which oscillated at 138 BPM, but recently also faster, as the tracks have more psychedelic powers. After a few gigs like the Burning Moutain Festival or Raumklang, he finds his style and will conjure up a smile on your face with new music.
  • Tandem

    Tandem is a Progressive & Psytrance project by André Huwiler (DJ Dex) and Rafael Wiederkehr (Suncollector) from Switzerland. With their combined skills, they drive us through a world of powerful-groovy and psychedelic soundscapes - always very well balanced to activate our mind and feet.

    We can feel that they are best friends since many years and when they started their project together in 2008, they also connected musically. After several years playing in Switzerland and some countries in Europe, they decided to take a creative break and concentrate on their own solo projects. But just like driving on a tandem bike, they lined up again – both facing in the same direction. The result is a sound as it has never been before and all their collected experiences are melting again in their new studio. We strongly look forward to new masterpieces to rock the dancefloors.
  • E-Funker

    The guitar was his instrument, but he had neither drums nor a guitar so it just wasn’t music and he had always wanted to be a rock star... until he ended up at a drum’n’bass party and decided to broaden his horizons. Christian Keckeis from Berne soon found his niche in the unlimited possibilities of electronic music and in progressive he discoverered his passion.

    Entranced by the expressiveness of the melodies he started to play electronic tracks in his work as a DJ and began to fiddle about with his own music in the quiet of his own room. He’s always keen to further develop himself and today puts sets together as a DJ that clearly reflect his passion for music. His trademarks are a continuous driving rhythm and intensive, energetic sounds. His style is Funky & Creepy.

    Since his first live set at the V.I.R.U.S. Festival 2014 Christian now also presents a promising project of his own productions. With his driving and playful tracks E-Funker creates a listening experience to the dance-loving audience that totally rocks the dancefloor!
  • Rematic

    "Music is what feelings sounds like"

    Remo discovered his love for music already in early years and made his first steps into the world of electronic music at the age of 14. Influenced by different Artists and styles as for example Talamasca, Bionix, Outsiders, Hans Zimmer, Moderat, Delta Heavy and many others, he realized soon that he wants to try himself to create psychedelic soundscapes. Workend intensely on his first tracks, he already got the chance to perform his sound at renowned Events as Mystica, Raumklang, Street Parade, Burning Mountain Festival.

    In 2018 Remo was signed with his project Rematic on Sinsonic Records and is currently working on new tracks and his debut album. Rematic's style is unique and refreshingly different - always experimenting on new ways to bounce the dance floor.
  • Arrcanum

    Arrcanum is a producer duo in the early twenties with a passion for high-energy psychedelic music. In their tracks you can find a big spectrum of different influences from the psychedelic scene. Inspired by various artists they like to play actively with the different rhythmic and harmonic elements. In the year 2016 they started the project "PsynDrom & PsyBorg", in which they put a lot of heart and soul into. They released their first tracks and continued to develop themselves musically. In 2018 they changed their name to "Arrcanum", played at the first parties and experimented with more and more cheeky live sets. Unconventional, innovative and fresh tracks, give the unmistakable Arrcanum flow.
  • Mindsurfer

    Roger Gnos has been riding the waves of electronic music since 2005 with his projects: Mindsurfer (Psytrance & Progressive), Mode Modular (Psytrance with Goma) and Roger Mills (Techno). He has played at numerous national and international festivals and has further developed his musical skills with a great deal of attention to details and with a lot of ambition. By the intensive use of analogue equipment, he creates a unique sound with flowing melodies and strong basslines. On the stage, he convinces with unique sets that can never be the same since he has perfected a flexible live setup. Lately collaborative projects and remixes have been created with Flowjob, Audidact, Human Element, Electrypnose, Ambush and Side Effects. We wait for some other surprises - ready to be released soon!