• 7th Sun - Machines

    7th Sun presents his latest creation "Machines". With the two included tracks, he once again creates a pumping psychedelic sound that has the power to fill every dance floor.
  • Mindsurfer - Storm

    Mindsurfer presents his new creation "Storm". This energetic psytrance track surprises with powerful bass lines and catchy melodies.
  • Spectro Senses & Índio - Synthetic Cells

    Let's go on a journey into another dimension with the tracks "Synthetic Cells" and "Reflection" by Spectro Senses and Índio. The two talents from Brazil are guaranteed to deliver an energetic spirit to the dance floor.
  • Noa - Keypoint

    The Swiss producer Noa presents with "Keypoint" a wonderful Psytrance track. You can't miss it.
  • Ro_Man - The Universe

    The young Swiss producer Ro_Man comes up with a new track called "The Universe". A beautiful progressive track.
  • Makai - Are We Dreaming

    With "Are We Dreaming" the talented Swiss producer Makai presents a fascinatingly driving progressive Psytrance track.
  • 7th Sun - Mind Being

    7th Sun is well known in the scene. With his new single "Mind Being" he creates a driving psychedelic sound that has the power to change consciousness.
  • Sinsonic Selection 7.0

    Naikido continues the compilation series with "Sinsonic Selection 7.0" - an exciting selection of ten of his favourite tracks from the Sinsonic collection.
  • Side Effects - Next Destination (Mindsurfer Remix)

    With Sinsonic Records you can always rely on surprises! This time it's Mindsurfer who created a remix of Side Effects track "Next Destination". Psychedelic leads and a fat bass line give the track a fresh tailwind on its way to the next destination.
  • Ro_Man & Smy - The Nothing

    The young and talented Swiss producer Ro_Man presents the new track "The Nothing" in cooperation with Smy - A first-class Progressive Psytrance track.
  • Mindsurfer - New Home

    Sinsonic Records is proud to release the energetic single "New Home" by Mindsurfer. The unique track with its powerful basses and beautiful melodies comes from his new studio and has been massively refined with the help of noble analog synthesizers.
  • Arrcanum - Freedom

    The Swiss newcomer Psytrance duo "Arrcanum" is ready to take off with their first release "Freedom" - a track with a huge load of energy and driving elements.
  • V/A - Woodroom Diversity 2

    With the new compilation Woodroom unites again some powerful Swiss artists and shows the diversity of psychedelic music in Switzerland.
  • VA - Sinsonic Selection 6.0

    DJ Atropin continues the compilation series with "Sinsonic Selection 6.0" - an exciting selection of ten of his favourite tracks from the Sinsonic collection.
  • Novi Maschilton - True & Reality

    Sinsonic Records is proud to present the new single "True & Reality" by Swiss talent Novi Maschilton. He delivers a Progressive Psytrance masterpiece - enveloped in crystal clear sound with a thick layer of bass and hypnotic groove.
  • Ambush & Mindsurfer - Nordic by Nature

    "Nordic by Nature" is the first collaboration between the Swiss producer Mindsurfer and the Danish duo Ambush. This beautiful psychedelic-spherical track will fascinate the listener.
  • Electrypnose - Remixes

    Sinsonic Records is pleased to dedicate a special edition to the artist Electrypnose, who has been instrumental in shaping Psytrance for the past 20 years - including seven carefully selected remixes by various artists from around the world.
  • V/A - Sinsonic Selection 5.0

    At the end of the year Dj Feinmechanik presents the compilation "Sinsonic Selection 5.0" with carefully selected Psytrance tracks, which should not be missing beneath your Christmas tree.
  • Spectro Senses - Insight

    Enter the world of secrets with the track "Insight" by Spectro Senses and join us on a journey to another dimension. Spectro Senses has become a popular name in the world of Psyprog and once again provides a true dancefloor killer.
  • Nachtaktiv - Dubster

    Nachtaktiv is known for his solid techno-dub tracks. Here comes "Dubster" with remixes by Midnight Pulse and Mathias Makau.