• V/A - Sinsonic Selection 2.0

    DJ Eos completes the successful year with the compilation "Sinsonic Selection 2.0" and presents a collection with 10 of his most favourite Sinsonic Records tracks from the genres Deep House, Tech House and Progressive Psytrance.
  • Frequenztherapie - When It Rains

    Sinsonic Records proudly presents the latest creation "When It Rains" from the Swiss Electro-Pop band "Frequenztherapie" – including three remixes by Khainz, Roger Mills and Mono & Lisa.
  • Roger Mills - Still Waters Run Deep

    "Deep Waters Run Deep" is the title of the debut release from Roger Mills. It contains six unique tech house tracks - with a nice touch of techno and lots of innovative ideas - which captivate everybody.
  • Dreksler & Haerle - Last Night

    Last night in the ICE77 and suddenly someone is listening to the Swiss Kasperlitheater. The duo Dreksler & Haerle presents rhythmical Tech House of its finest. With the three original tracks comes an inspiring Disko Dario Remix of ICE77.
  • Midnight Pulse - Analogue Touch

    Midnight Pulse dubbed their release with Sinsonic Records “Analogue Touch”. What is meant by analogue touch further south is revealed on the EP. The two Greeks create their unique sound in the combination of deep, driving beats with playful, dreamy synths in a consistently linear build. The three techno-/tech house tracks are guaranteed to accelerate many midnight heartbeats … in fact up to 126 beats per minute!