• Mindsurfer - New Home

    Sinsonic Records is proud to release the energetic single "New Home" by Mindsurfer. The unique track with its powerful basses and beautiful melodies comes from his new studio and has been massively refined with the help of noble analog synthesizers.
  • Raven Le Bon & Louis Desero - Autopsy

    With this release Raven Le Bon & Louis Desero show that they produce Progressive Trance at the highest level. The original track comes with an equally brilliant remix by Flow Box.
  • Mindsurfer - Fire

    Mindsurfer presents Fire, the third part of his journey trough the circle of elements. The three tracks feature challenging and progressive music with lots of energy and passion to heat up the dance community.
  • Ambush - Breaking Flakes

    Breaking Flakes is the debut release of Ambush - the musical offspring of upcoming Danish producer Ulrik Finne & Oliver Bierlich (Reefer Decree, Oryx & Oliver Jones). The two tracks showcases characteristic fat beats and wonderful psychedelic sounds.
  • Flow Box - Little Symphony

    Flow Box presents his first chill out EP - Little Symphony. While the main track is based on some classic idols, Last Night and Magic Eyes have the typical characteristics of major chill out tracks. At last there is the dub track Piperman, which is recorded together with Roger Arni at his clarinet - a perfect track for the energetic dance floor.
  • Mindsurfer - V.I.R.U.S. Hymn 2015

    Just in time for summer, Mindsurfer presents the official hymn for the V.I.R.U.S. Festival 2015. A special mix of driving bass lines and melodies starts the flight mode for the dance floor. We can already look forward to the following remix tracks!
  • Geomag - Mountain Beat Culture

    With this release the Italian musician Geomag expresses his love of Switzerland and pays homage to the former Crew Mountain Beat Culture from Valais. The single "Mountain Beat Culture" keeps its promise! Straightforwardly produced off-beat music with wonderful melodies enchants not only the listener but entire dance floors, just like the legendary crew from Valais. Geomag is supported by his Italian musician colleague SoAx and Mindsurfer from Switzerland. This release has definitely returned the bass culture to the mountain world!
  • Flow Box - V.I.R.U.S. Hymn 2014

    It is a great honour for Flow Box to produce the first hymn for the legendary Swiss V.I.R.U.S. Festival 2014. The original track is supported by two remixes from Senix and Mindsurfer. Together they present an explosive package for the dance floor.
  • Dreksler & Haerle - Last Night

    Last night in the ICE77 and suddenly someone is listening to the Swiss Kasperlitheater. The duo Dreksler & Haerle presents rhythmical Tech House of its finest. With the three original tracks comes an inspiring Disko Dario Remix of ICE77.
  • Human Element - Without Reason

    For Human Element the Single ‘Without Reason' is the first release with the Sinsonic Records label. And even though the Single is called ‘Without Reason', there are more than a thousand reasons to listen to it. Once more Human Element uses the main track to define his very own progressive world of music – a real treat, whether you're at home or on the dance floor. This is supported by a Flow Box Remix of the Human Element track Yin & Yang, which was originally released by Echoes Records.
  • Reefer Decree - James Funk

    James Funk is the name of the debut release on Sinsonic Records of Danish top act Reefer Decree. The original track, as the title would suggest, is funky and groovy – in a nutshell, Reefer Decree is definitively back in business with his unique style. The release also features three remixes of Mindsurfer, Casa Show and Roger Mills, which lend the original a fascinating and very unique and novel touch; a must for all music lovers.
  • Mindsurfer - Earth

    True to his inimitable style, in this release Mindsurfer again focuses on a mix of sophisticated music and sufficient drive for the dance floor, but not without meddling with some experiments. And so he presents his new arrangements as a polished combination of contemporary offbeat and old school progressive, interspersed with far-eastern elements and highlighted with some powerful bass lines. The resulting earthy sound with its clear elements, and nonetheless playful form, already makes you curious and evokes a desire for his future Elements EPs.
  • Hypetraxx - The Darkside (Flow Box Remix)

    For his latest release, Martin Spring aka Flow Box dared a hymn from days gone by, and let it rise again in a fresh and contemporary guise; The Darkside by Hypetraxx from the year 1999. While reminiscing about former times, about old, factory halls smelling of sweat, bright lights and ravers in gaudy clothes, Martin tackled this worthy task. The result is a club hit that's in a class of its own. Fat and driving bass sounds and crystal-clear percussions are emphasised by the newly tinged original tune and vocals. Using contemporary, minimalist elements, Martin takes his audience to the dubstep marked break, only to drive it into the final round with bundled energy.
    Accompany Martin on his trip into the past and take this words into the future together with him; The Darkside!
  • Midnight Pulse - Analogue Touch

    Midnight Pulse dubbed their release with Sinsonic Records “Analogue Touch”. What is meant by analogue touch further south is revealed on the EP. The two Greeks create their unique sound in the combination of deep, driving beats with playful, dreamy synths in a consistently linear build. The three techno-/tech house tracks are guaranteed to accelerate many midnight heartbeats … in fact up to 126 beats per minute!
  • Dynamic Bastards - One Day Is Not Enough

    One day is not enough for the latest hit from the Zurich duo “Dynamic Bastards”. The three crystal clear EP tracks impress with clean bass lines and stylish composition. Cool, nightclub-style elements provide overall a warm off-beat progressive. Feel free to take two days to listen to “One Day Is Not Enough”.
  • Flow Box - Colors of the Rainbow

    Flow Box delved into his box once more and pulled out four tracks to melt your heart. On his EP “Colors of the Rainbow” he mixes a variety of influences from progressive, trance, minimal, electro and dubstep together. The resulting piece is multifaceted and full of color. The common theme throughout all of the tracks is the dream world.
    The tracks make you dream, but you can sleep another time. With his minimal samples, Flow Box takes us through lonely desert nights and hunts us mercilessly with drive through the thick fog. “Colors of the Rainbow” is a club sound you can fall into and drift through, and is one which makes you give yourself completely over to the beats.
  • Casa Show - Directors Cut

    A dash of harmonica and a pinch of saxophone mixed together with an offbeat of 128bpm all thrown into a frying pan of passionate fancy. This is the simple performance recipe that sees women tearing off their clothes and yet keeps the male audience listening. The explosive live act performed by Marcel, Sandro and Toni aka Casa Show can now been enjoyed in flawless mastery on your laptop. «Directors Cut» is a profession of love to genuine instruments, the summer and to the humorousness of electronic music. The three Casa Show tracks (plus a remix by Mindsurfer) compel even the laziest of behinds to jump up and get moving enthusiastically on the dance floor.
  • Disko Dario - Bowling With Skulls

    In “Bowling With Skulls” Disko Dario has remixed the grande finale of his techno live act. He bowls through genres four times with his DJ pals – as it is with for Dario, whose playful music is always so hard to categorise. On the EP Disko Dario's organic techno track is first transformed from Nachtaktiv into sexy tech house. Next, Makau filters out everything organic, creating a crystal clear minimal sound. The sound then moves on in Mindsurfer, with its characteristic catchy progressive. “Bowling With Skulls” lays down one original track and three remixes that really get the skulls rolling in many different night-time styles.
  • Mindsurfer - Water

    The EP is called “Water” and water is the creed of this first release from Mindsurfer. Focusing on the finely tuned balance between being musically challenging and having enough of a dance beat he has composed a sound that pulls you from riding a wave on a surfboard into the mystical depths of the musical underworld – without getting lost in new age samples of dolphins and mountain streams. This EP is the first release from Sinsonic Records and a lot of time and energy has gone into it. The result is a crystal-clear sound with four tracks, which have been sensitively put together; a fresh water source for the quagmire of progressive trance.