Hypetraxx - The Darkside (Flow Box Remix)

Hypetraxx - The Darkside (Flow Box Remix)

For his latest release, Martin Spring aka Flow Box dared a hymn from days gone by, and let it rise again in a fresh and contemporary guise; The Darkside by Hypetraxx from the year 1999. While reminiscing about former times, about old, factory halls smelling of sweat, bright lights and ravers in gaudy clothes, Martin tackled this worthy task. The result is a club hit that's in a class of its own. Fat and driving bass sounds and crystal-clear percussions are emphasised by the newly tinged original tune and vocals. Using contemporary, minimalist elements, Martin takes his audience to the dubstep marked break, only to drive it into the final round with bundled energy.
Accompany Martin on his trip into the past and take this words into the future together with him; The Darkside!

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